How to Get Perfect Waves: A Fun and Easy Guide to Crimping Hair

How To Crimp Hair

Are you tired of the same old straight or curly hairstyles? Look no further than crimped hair for a fun and unique look. Crimping hair involves creating a zig-zag pattern in your hair, resulting in a textured, wavy appearance. Not only is it a great way to switch up your look, but crimping can also add volume and dimension to your hair.

But how do you achieve this coveted style? In this guide, I’ll walk you through the tools and techniques needed to crimp your hair like a pro. Get ready to rock those perfect waves!

What is Crimping Hair and Why is it Worth Trying?

Crimping involves using a special crimping iron to create small bends in your hair, resulting in a textured wave pattern. This style was popular in the 80s and 90s but has recently made a comeback in the world of hair fashion. Not only does it add a unique flair to your look, but it can also help add volume and texture to thin or fine hair. Plus, crimped hair can last for several days without needing to be restyled, making it a low-maintenance option for those with busy schedules.

Tools Needed to Crimp Hair

Preparing the hair for crimping: sectioning and applying heat protectant spray

To achieve the perfect crimped look, you’ll need a few essential tools. Here are the items you’ll need to get started:

Crimping iron

The crimping iron is the most important tool you’ll need for crimping your hair. Look for a crimping iron with ceramic plates, which will help distribute heat evenly and protect your hair from damage. It’s also important to choose a crimping iron with adjustable heat settings, so you can find the perfect temperature for your hair type.

Heat protectant spray

Before using any heat styling tool, it’s important to protect your hair from damage. Spritz a heat protectant spray onto your hair before using the crimping iron. This will help shield your hair from the high heat of the iron and prevent breakage and split ends.


A wide-tooth comb is essential for detangling your hair and creating even sections. Use the comb to gently detangle your hair before crimping to ensure a smooth and even finish.

Hair clips

Hair clips are useful for sectioning your hair while crimping. Use them to separate your hair into manageable sections so you can focus on one area at a time. Choose clips that won’t damage your hair or leave dents, such as butterfly clips or alligator clips with rubber tips.

With these tools in hand, you’ll be ready to start crimping your hair like a pro!

Preparing Your Hair for Crimping

Styling options for crimped hair: high ponytail

Before you start crimping your hair, it’s important to properly prepare your locks. This will help ensure that your hair is healthy and that the crimping process is as effective as possible. Here are the steps you should follow to prepare your hair for crimping:

Washing and Drying Hair

Start by washing your hair with a gentle shampoo and conditioner. Avoid using any heavy products that might weigh your hair down. Once your hair is clean, gently towel dry it or let it air dry. Avoid blow drying your hair completely as this can cause damage and make your hair more difficult to crimp.

Applying Heat Protectant Spray

Before using any heat tools on your hair, it’s important to apply a heat protectant spray. This will help prevent damage to your hair and keep it healthy. Spray the heat protectant onto your hair before crimping, making sure to cover all sections of your hair.

Sectioning Hair

To ensure that you crimp your hair evenly, it’s important to section it properly. Use a comb to separate your hair into small sections, making sure that each section is roughly the same size. Clip each section of hair up and away from the rest of your hair, so that you can easily access each section as you crimp it.

By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to properly prepare your hair for crimping. This will help ensure that your hair stays healthy and that you achieve the best possible results from your crimping iron.

Crimping Your Hair

Once you’ve prepared your hair for crimping, it’s time to get started! Here are the steps to using a crimping iron to achieve the perfect crimped look:

How to Use the Crimping Iron

  1. Plug in your crimping iron and let it heat up to the desired temperature. The temperature will depend on your hair type and the desired level of crimp, but generally, a temperature of around 350-400 degrees Fahrenheit is recommended.

  2. Section your hair. Use hair clips to separate your hair into small sections, starting from the bottom and working your way up.

  3. Apply heat protectant spray to each section of hair. This will help prevent damage from the heat of the crimping iron.

  4. Take a small section of hair and clamp the crimping iron down at the root of your hair. Hold for a few seconds, then move the iron down the length of your hair, creating a zig-zag pattern as you go. Repeat this process on each section of hair until your entire head is crimped.

Tips for Achieving the Desired Crimped Look

  • For a more natural-looking crimp, don’t crimp your hair all the way to the ends. Leave the last inch or two un-crimped for a subtler look.
  • Experiment with different section sizes to achieve different levels of crimp. Smaller sections will result in a tighter crimp, while larger sections will create a looser wave.
  • If you have thick or coarse hair, you may need to hold the crimping iron on each section of hair for a few extra seconds to ensure that the hair is fully crimped.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

  • Don’t crimp your hair too close to your roots, as this can create an unnatural look.
  • Avoid crimping the same section of hair multiple times, as this can cause damage and breakage.
  • Don’t use too much heat on your hair, as this can cause damage and dryness. Stick to the recommended temperature range for your hair type, and be sure to use heat protectant spray.

Styling Your Crimped Hair

Now that you’ve crimped your hair, it’s time to show it off! Here are some ways to style your hair to make the most of those perfect waves:

Ways to Style Crimped Hair

  • Half-up, half-down: This classic hairstyle is perfect for showing off your crimped hair while still keeping it out of your face. Simply pull the top half of your hair up into a ponytail or bun while leaving the bottom half down to showcase your waves.
  • Braids: Crimped hair looks great when braided, adding texture and dimension to your braid. Try a French braid or fishtail braid for a chic look.
  • Messy bun: A messy bun is a great option for those days when you don’t want to spend too much time styling your hair. Gather your hair into a loose, messy bun, leaving some strands out to showcase your crimped hair.

Recommended Hair Products for Maintaining the Crimped Look

  • Texturizing spray: A texturizing spray can help enhance the texture and volume of your crimped hair. Spritz some over your hair and scrunch with your fingers for added definition and hold.
  • Dry shampoo: Dry shampoo is a great option for extending the life of your crimped hair. It can help absorb excess oil and add volume to your roots.
  • Hair oil: To keep your crimped hair looking shiny and healthy, use a hair oil to moisturize and nourish your strands.

Hairstyles That Work Best with Crimped Hair

Crimped hair can be versatile and work with a variety of hairstyles. Here are some popular options:

  • Beachy waves: Embrace those crimped waves and enhance them with a beachy wave style. Simply use a curling iron to add some extra waves and texture to your already-crimped hair.
  • Updos: Crimped hair can add some extra texture and volume to an updo, making it a great option for formal events.
  • Ponytail: A high or low ponytail is a simple and classic option that can show off your crimped hair while keeping it out of your face.

By following these styling tips and using the right hair products, you can make the most of your crimped hair and achieve a variety of stylish looks.


In conclusion, crimped hair is a fun and unique way to add some texture and dimension to your hairstyle. With the right tools and techniques, you can achieve those perfect waves in no time. Remember to prepare your hair properly with washing and heat protectant spray, section your hair, and use the crimping iron correctly to achieve the desired look.

Styling your crimped hair is also important, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different hairstyles and products. From half-up styles to braids to messy buns, crimped hair can be incorporated into a variety of looks. And with the right hair care routine, you can maintain your crimped style for several days.

At Hair Style, we are passionate about helping you achieve your desired looks. Whether you’re trying to master a new hairstyle or find the right products for your hair type, we’ve got you covered. So go ahead and give crimped hair a try – you just might love it!

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